EDMAX Little Genius Junior

Edmax Exam Master is an unique Solution and is a boon to Students, Teachers, Schools and Parents to ensure scoring high grades in CBSE Board Exams. The Product is fully loaded with more than 50000 questions and is a syllabus based material adhering to CBSE syllabus prescribed by NCERT. This Product is designed such a way that any student or teacher using this shall be mastering the Subject. We have used artificial Intelligence (AI) to prepare the question papers which ensures firing questions from weak areas based on answering pattern of the students.

Our product, the Edmax Exam Master, is designed in such a way that anyone using it will end up mastering the subject. This puts them in a position where they are confident to answer any kind of question thrown

The Exam master is a Wonderful Software backed with the Best of Contents and Technology to ensure the State Of the Art Exam Writing Experience for the Students. The Pattern and the Artificial Intelligence used in the Program shall help the students to master the subject and allow them to practice the weak areas.

  • Detailed Chapter Notes.
  • Objective Questions & Answers.
  • Descriptive Questions and Answers.
  • ISure Shot Questions & answers.
  • Unlimited Mock Tests backed with Artificial Intelligence(AI).
  • Previous Years Question Papers.
  • Unlimited Practice Work Sheets.
  • Key Points.
  • Target Setting and monitoring with reminders.
  • Question relevance & Rating & Much more.....