Our Mission

Edmax aims to improve a students academic performance by revolutionizing the way subjects are taught and learnt.

Easy To Understand :

Students can learn through a format that they are comfortable in through videos, pictures, and graphics, building interest and confidence in the subject without external intervention.

Syllabus Based Smart Learning :

With Edmax, students follow the 5 level scientific learning system that includes Pre-preparation, Learning and clearing doubts, Revision, and Practice through various tests and mocks.

Extensive Curriculum:

Developed by IERT India, Edmax covers all subjects, chapters and topics prescribed by CBSE. All contents are updated periodically.

Our Features

1. Interactive Video Lesson

Each chapters and topics are explained with interactive videos making learning fun and interesting.

2. Passive To Active Learning

Descriptive notes prepared by highly experienced teachers and industry experts in simple language supported by the visual aids and graphics helps you to be an active and self learner.

3. Scientifically prepared Notes

Mater your lessons with various interactive test series and practice problems accessing reference materials, points to remember, review questions and more.

4. Any Time Any Where

Learning is not restricted within the four walls of the class room and it is not restricted to the school calendar.

5. Personalized Exam Portal

Get registered with EDMAX and get instant updates through your personalized exam portal. Practice unlimited mock tests and chapter wise mock papers.

6. Unlimited Chapter wise Mock Tests

Choose any subject and any chapter and create a mock test and day in and day out you can practice through the self generated and scheduled chapter wise mock tests.

7. Unlimited Mock Tests

You name it! Any major entrance exam in India, get registered with EDMAX and practice unlimited mock tests and get admission to your dream college.

8. No Internet

Since all our windows and android applications are available in offline mode, no need of, no fear of internet expense or misuse. So learn, practice and win without internet!

9. Highly Cost Effective

No worries about the cost as our mission is to make education available to all, especially to the underprivileged students.